Marginalia: Art Knowledge News

Where can I find a good exhibition of urban art? What is Gallery Bergelli showing these days? And which museum is currently featuring that spectacular Courbet exhibit (almost as spectacular as the Courbet book due out this month from Abbeville Press)? Answers to all of these questions, as well as many others that you’re not yet informed enough about the art world to ask because you’ve never visited, can be found at Sponsored by the Art Appreciation Foundation, Art Knowledge News is a free online newsmagazine about gallery showings, museum exhibitions, auction sales, and general goings-on in the global art community. Each post contains a big, bold image and a brief, information-packed article on the topic featured. The site also maintains a list of articles “Of Continuing Interest” to artists and patrons of the arts alike. If knowledge is power, surely art knowledge is power and style; for anyone seeking a little more of both, AKN is the place to go.

Style Points


1.1. Though it’s not related to art knowledge at all, we couldn’t let this item from Gawker pass by unremarked upon. A copyeditor is usually a silent, retiring sort of figure, hunched over his desk in the shadows, his only contact with the outside world a series of evanescent pencil marks long since vanished by the time a publication sees the light of print. But every so often his traces are left showing and his voice breaks throughin rage, in mockery, in double-question-mark disbelief at the world’s shoddy syntax and careless orthography. “Cypress” a country? Really? “CYPRESS??” Sorry…sorry, he didn’t mean to get so emotional. His outburst was an aberrationan error. Just a little too much coffee, that’s all. Forget he said anything. Stet.

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