Marginalia: The Art History Newsletter

For our second entry of “Marginalia,” our series of profiles on websites whose style we like, we present The Art History Newsletter, a blog that marshals together news, opinion, original reporting, and reports from the farthest corners of the wild artblogosphereall on topics and events near and dear to art historiansand presents them in a clean, clear, visually inviting space. This week the Newsletter profiled our own Manual of Style, making special mention of the story our Arbiters wrote at the ALA conference in Philadelphia (the first of the many accolades we’re still expecting to rain down on this Meisterwerke; can the Nobel be far behind?). We also enjoyed their synthesis of blog posts on the College Art Association conference, a major annual event for art and art history professors, art supplies vendors, arts program exhibitors, and other frequent Abbeville readers.

That reminds us: we were at the CAA conference, too, selling books for a bargain and giving away smiles for free. Why haven’t we reported about it yet? We’d tell you we’re still waiting for the pictures to develop, but like so many good excuses, that one’s been trampled by the swift march of technology. The truth is, we’re just tardy. We’ll have a post up soon; in the meantime, if you’re the sort of person who hungers for CAA-related tidbits (and if you’re reading this site, you are), The Art History Newsletter is where you need to go.

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