Marginalia: Blogs of Style

Today marks our first installment of “Marginalia”: a series of featured entries on blogs and websites that we enjoy, and that we’ll be adding to the Blogroll on the right-hand “margin” of this page. (Yes, yes, we could have called it the Manual of Style-roll, but that sounded even worse than the alternative.) Today we are linking to Art Blog by Bob, an excellent blog unusual for its focus on art history as opposed to purely contemporary art. It contains biographical profiles and musings on famous historical artists as well as samples of their famous historical works. It also contains a fair amount of literary discussion, a byproduct of what the author humbly calls his “previous life as a literary pseudo-scholar”and a characteristic that endears it to this particular Arbiter. We will be checking Art Blog by Bob often and we encourage you to do the same; rumor has it that he might post an entry on an Abbeville book soon…

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